Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Introduction and Index

Hi, and welcome to "bak 2 skool".

This is a (partly fictional) journal account based on my experiences as a teaching assistant at a primary school, where I taught 8 sessions of web design as part of a final year elective at uni. This blog was created to satisfy the written report component of the elective.

The posts on this blog were written over a few days in mid-November 2005, and backdated to the dates listed. It is not meant to be a blow-by-blow account of what happened during the teaching sessions, but rather an impression of what it was like taking this elective. I have taken some creative liberty with the events that transpired, so as to present the experiences in terms of what they mean to me. Everything contained herein is based on my personal experience.

To navigate this blog, use this index post by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, there are links on the sidebar to your right that will take you to the posts according to their dates.

13 July 2005: Initial Meeting
20 July 2005: Lesson 1
24 July 2005: Preparation for Presentation
27 July 2005: Miscommunication
03 August 2005: Lesson 2
10 August 2005: Lesson 3
17 August 2005: Lesson 4
24 August 2005: Lesson 5
31 August 2005: Lesson 6
07 September 2005: Sick Leave
14 September 2005: Lesson 7
05 October 2005: Lesson 8 (Final)

Note: All names in this journal have been changed.